1000 of the most beautiful and successful women in the world

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Gold 1000 of most beautiful and successful girls of the world is the first and unique rating project of world scale, the purpose of which is an exposure of the brightest women of planet, who overmastered the world not only the beauty, but also brought something valuable in it. The project provides the participation of not only very famous persons but also those, who are complied with the requirements and terms of the participation in it, but at present time did not become a famous person. A task of the project is to increase in intention of women to reach the peak, being the very best, to do something valuable and enter into «Gold 1000».

For participation in the project, you should send the questionnaire with a photo and your parameters, specifying of your activity and talents for golden1000@mail.ua. After the reply of administration you will receive an instruction for registration. We wish success!

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